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CNC Laser Cutting

cnc laser cutting

CNC laser cuttingis a computerised numerical control (CNC) method that uses a high-power laser beam to mark, cut or engrave a material to create custom shapes. Its unique design and operation makes it extremely accurate, especially when cutting complex shapes and small holes. In this article, we will explain the basics of CNC laser cutting.

What is CNC Laser Cutting and How Does It Work?

Like all other CNC machines CNC laser cutter also relies on computer numerical control and computer instructions (G-code) to perform cutting operations.

However, CNC laser cutters differ from conventional CNC machines in their design and cutting process methods.

CNC laser cutting is a non-contact, thermal-based process. A CNC laser cutter has a laser head that contains a laser focusing lens and nozzle. This head and lens assembly focuses a laser beam through the nozzle onto the material, melting and cutting it to create the desired shape. CNC lasers use compressed gas to cool the focusing lens and expel the vaporised metal from the workpiece.

When you focus a high-power laser beam on a point on a metallic surface, the heat intensity at that point is high, which causes that point on the metal to heat up quickly and partially (or completely) vaporise. CNC technology then controls the sequence of movement of this laser head and laser beam on the work surface to create the desired special shapes and features.

What are CNC Laser Cutting Types?

Here are the three most commonly used laser types today:

  • CNC CO2 laser
  • CNC crystal laser
  • CNC fibre laser

CNC CO2 Laser

CO2 laser cuttingis a type of gas laser that uses carbon dioxide as the active laser medium. It is the most common type of laser cutting due to its high power output capacities and efficiencies.

CO2 lazer kesiciler 15 kW’a kadar güç çıkışı ve %30’a kadar verimlilik üretir. Özellikle sac metallerde veya kalınlığı 10 mm’den az olan metallerde ince özellikleri ve dar açıları kesmek için idealdirler. Daha yüksek güçlü CO2 lazer kesiciler, daha kalın metal yüzeylerde de iyi kesim kalitesi sağlayabilir.

CNC Fibre Laser

CNC fibre laser cuttingis a newer laser technology that uses a series of diodes to create a beam through a fibre optic cable. CNC fibre laser cutting machines allow to achieve a faster and cleaner result than CO2 laser cutters, especially in materials with a thickness of less than 5 mm.

CNC Crystal Laser Cutter

CNC crystal laser cutting It uses beams made of crystals such as neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) and neodymium-doped yttrium ortho-vanadate (Nd:YVO).

Crystal laser cutters generally have higher intensity and laser power than CO2 laser cutters. This means that they are ideal for cutting thicker metals.

CNC Lazer Kesimle Hangi Sac Levhalar Kesilebilir?

Lazer kesim sayesinde birçok sac metal levha kesilebilir. Mersan Metal bünyesinde lazer kesim yaptığımız sac levhalar aşağıdaki gibidir:

💥 Sac kalınlık kapasitesi and sac boyut kapasitelerini incelemek için cutting sayfamızı ziyaret ediniz. 

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting

  • Faster processing and production times.
  • Minimised bending.
  • Higher precision compared to Flame or Plasma Cutting.
  • More pieces per material due to the small cutting diameter (kerf) of the laser beam.
  • It produces more complex designs and holes as small as 2 mm with a high degree of accuracy and precision.
  • Produces clean cuts, eliminating the need for additional post-processing (or finishing) operations.
  • CNC laser cutters eliminate the need for various cutting tools or specialised tools as with traditional CNC routers and milling machines.
  • The non-contact process reduces the risk of material deterioration and material contamination.

Mersan Metal CNC Laser Cutting

Mersan Metal was founded in 1994 Ankara Ostim It was established in the Organised Industrial Zone and within a short time metal processing has become an important position in the sector. It serves its customers in its factory located in Ostim Organised Industrial Zone, with 3 workshops and closed production area in Başkent Organised Industrial Zone.

We have in our organisation CNC fibre laser machines and CNC CO2 machines we carry out metal cutting operations.

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