We serve you with both hand welding machines and welding robots with 360 degree movement capacity in your projects that require welding process. The welding robot, which is used especially in your high capacity projects, ensures that the welding process of your projects is fast and flawless.







Metal Welding Services

Sac metal kaynak processes allow different parts to be connected to each other. This process allows a metal part to be combined with other parts without losing its unique properties. In this way, the durability of metal parts can be increased and they can be used for different purposes.

Welding processes are usually performed by heat treatment. In these processes, a welding method is used to connect the metal parts to the welding points. Welding robot or hand welding machine can be selected as welding method.

Ankara Ostim and Capital Mersan Metal, located in the industrial zone, offers welding services including welding robot and hand welding machine provides service using.

Thanks to the technological equipment used in our factory, metal welding processes are carried out quickly and precisely. Thus, the expectations of our customers are met and their satisfaction is ensured.

Metal Welding Types

Metal welding processes can also be performed with different equipment such as hand welding machines and welding robots. 

  1. Hand welding machinesallows metal parts to be connected to each other by manual use by workers. These machines are light and easy to use. However, the correct use of hand welding machines requires the experience and skill of the person who will do the welding.
  2. Welding robots are robots that can perform metal welding processes automatically. Welding robots work with programmes that enable metal parts to be connected to each other. In this way, welding operations can be performed faster and more precisely.

What is Welding Robot?

A welding robot is a type of industrial robotic system. The robot welding machine includes a welding device and a motion control system. It can be used in various industrial applications and can be used for cutting, welding, drilling and so on various materials.

In automatic welding robots, the motion control system is used to manage the robot's movements and is usually controlled by a computer programme or a human operator. In this way, the robot performs welding operations automatically and increases the accuracy and efficiency of the processes.

One working principle of automatic welding robotThe robot is usually based on performing operations by moving a welding tool. This welding tool can be moved by the robot and can be moved within a certain programme. While the robot performs welding operations according to the programme, the motion control system ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the operations.


Quality Policy

To aim to achieve quality values and customer satisfaction at every stage of our production and to carry out the necessary work.

Environmental Policy

To ensure the protection of the environment by minimising internal and external factors affecting environmental pollution arising from our activities.

OHS Policy

To comply with international standards, laws and technical regulations and to apply them at every stage of our activities.

Energy Policy

To comply with national and international legal requirements and other applicable requirements regarding energy use, energy efficiency and consumption.

We have been serving since 1998.

Since 1998, we have been serving you in our workshops located in Ostim Organised Industrial Zone and in our factory located in Başkent Organised Industrial Zone.

We serve many sectors from automotive to defence industry, and we implement various projects from domestic and foreign countries with our advanced technology machines in a perfect way. While we continue to export to all over the world, we also produce for various projects of many leading companies in the domestic sector.


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